Our Mid-Level ID card printer – DF350, is known for it performance, durability & quality. With great design and some power packed features like, Instant Issuance, Smart Contact & Contactless encoding, in-line magnetic stripe encoding, along with UV printing security with an upgradeable Lamination model, our DF350 is truly the go to ID Card printer if you have a wide range of ID Card issuance requirements. To know more have a look at our brochure! ..


  • Standard Dual Side Printing
  • Industry-Leading printing speed
  • Affordable UV Security Feature
  • Field Upgradable/dual/LM/ hopper 200 Input and 100 Output Cards
  • Smart Contact and Contactless Card Encoding
  • Perfect mix of Affordability, Security and Versatility
  • Inline Printing and Magnetic Strip Encoding
  • Intuitive Operations


  • National IDs
  • Government IDs & DL
  • Corporate IDs
  • Health care IDs & Visitors IDs
  • Student & Staff IDs
  • Retail, Hospitality & Loyalty Cards